How To Keep Dogs Away From Ponds

Dogs are one of the most popular household pets, but can you have a fish pond if you have a dog?

In this article I’ll share some simple strategies to keep your dog away from your backyard pond.

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Check how your dog reacts to the pond

If you’ve just installed a new backyard pond or moved to a new house that has a pond, the first thing you need to do is assess how your dog behaves around the pond.

Most dogs will leave fish ponds alone, but some dogs with a strong hunting instinct will be drawn to the pond and try to catch the fish.

Other dogs will try to drink from the pond or just sniff around the edges.

Put your dog on a leash and let him or her walk around the exterior of the pond.

If the dog lunges at the fish or tries to enter the water then you know that the dog can’t be left alone with the pond.

On the other hand, if they don’t show interest in the pond or the fish, you can let the dog off the leash and watch them closely.

Keep an eye on the dog until you can be sure that they’ll stay away from the pond.

dog in a backyard pond


If you’re worried about leaving your dog alone in the backyard with your fish pond there are some simple strategies to keep your fish safe.

Firstly, ensure that your dog has plenty of fresh water available so that they’re not tempted to drink from the pond when they’re thirsty.

Pond cover

Installing a pond cover is a simple way to keep dogs away from your pond.

They’ll also protect your fish from cats, large birds and other predators.

Pond covers are usually shaped like a dome, which makes it easy for the fish to come to the surface to eat.

You can move the cover to the side to feed the fish or clean the pond.


Pond netting will also stop dogs bothering your fish.

Be sure to add a few extra inches on each side to allow the netting to completely cover the pond area and use metal pegs to ensure that dogs can’t get underneath it.


Installing a garden fence will keep dogs out of the pond area and they’ll be able to run around freely in the yard unsupervised.

The fence should be tall enough so that your dog can’t jump over it and take care to move any outdoor furniture away so the dog can’t use it to climb over the fence.

dog swimming in a pond


Motion activated sprinklers can be situated near the pond so when your dog goes near the pond it’s blasted with water.

After the dog has been sprayed a few times it should learn to stay away.

If your dog loves playing with hoses and sprinklers then this might not be a good option!

Give the fish spaces to hide

Shallow ponds make it hard for the fish to hide from dogs and other animals so it’s best if your pond is at least two feet deep.

This will give the fish an opportunity to retreat to the deeper sections of the pond when a dog is nearby.

Adding a fish cave will provide a hiding space for your fish if they see a dog.

You can also place some large flat rocks around the edge of the pond that are slightly overhanging the water to provide hiding spaces for the fish.

Feeding pond fish


Planting a border of tall plants around the edge of the pond is a good way to prevent your dog seeing the fish swimming around.

You can also plant floating plants like water lettuce or water lilies near the edge of the pond which will allow the fish to hide underneath the leaves if a dog is near the edge of the pond.

Aquatic plants

So there are my tips for keeping dogs away from backyard ponds.

Hopefully these natural solutions will prevent your dog going near the pond so that your fish can live happily.


What tips or tricks have you used to keep your dog away from your pond? Let me know in the comments below.

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