25+ Must-Have Pond Products

If you’re looking for the best pond products to keep your pond clean and your fish happy, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article I’ll discuss some of the best products on the market to help you take care of your pond. 

From pond dye to sludge removers, I’ll cover everything you need to keep your pond looking its best.

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Planting in ponds

Floating pond planters are great for displaying plants in the deeper part of your pond where there aren’t any plant shelves. 

Regular potting mix is too light for pond plants and will float to the top of the water, so choose potting media that is specially designed for pond plants.

To fertilize my pond plants, I like to use aquatic plant fertilizer tablets that you can push into the soil.

Keeping your pond clean

Use a long handled net to scoop out as many leaves, dead plants and twigs that you can.

If your pond is located near a deciduous tree, you could install fine pond netting to catch the leaves before they fall into the pond.

To make it easier on yourself, a pond skimmer will remove leaves and other debris that falls into the pond.

Dome covers are also good for keeping your pond water clean and keeping predators like hawks, coyotes, feral cats and raccoons out of your pond.

How to stop mosquitoes breeding in your pond

Mosquito dunks are small round disks made from a type of natural bacteria called Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (BTI).

This bacteria can kill mosquito larvae in 24 hours and it’s non-toxic to pond fish, birds, pets and humans.

You can also buy mosquito bits, which contain the same natural bacteria as the dunks, and you just sprinkle the pellets into the pond.

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Reducing algae 

Installing a UV clarifier can help to remove algae blooms in as little as five days.

UV clarifiers use ultraviolet light to destroy algae that is suspended in the pond water so you’re less likely to have algae blooms in the future.

Blue colored pond dye helps to shade the pond water from harsh UV rays and reduces the growth of algae.

Pond dye comes in a variety of shades including aqua blue and ocean blue and it gives the pond a healthy blue color while also reducing algae growth and keeping the water cooler in summer.

You can also try a product called pond enhancer, which contains natural beneficial bacteria as well as blue pond dye.

Pond enhancer is safe for fish and helps to shade the pond so the algae don’t receive as much sunlight to grow.

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Removing pond sludge

The quickest way to get rid of sludge is to use a pond vacuum to suck up the sludge on the bottom of the pond.

Another way to reduce the sludge is to add muck reducer tablets to the pond to help break down the sludge naturally. 

These tablets contain beneficial bacteria and they’re safe for all types of pond fish.

Fish food

One of the most important products you can buy for your pond is a good quality fish food. 

There are many different brands and formulas available, so it’s important to do some research to find the one that’s right for your fish. 

It’s a good idea to feed your fish with floating fish food pellets so you can see if the food is being left uneaten and scoop out the excess food before it starts to rot.

Feeding pond fish


Keeping the pond aerated is the key to healthy pond water and fish.

You can install a fountain or pond spitter to increase the oxygen level in the pond.

There are also many solar powered pumps, fountains and water features that you can use to aerate a small backyard pond without the hassle of getting electricity connected.

Pond fountain

Winter pond care

If you live in a cold climate area where the pond will freeze over in winter, you’ll need to ensure that there is a hole in the ice to let the carbon dioxide and other gases escape.

One of the easiest ways to keep an opening in the ice is to use a pond de-icer.

Liner repairs

Sharp rocks and sticks can rip the pond liner, but there are patch kits available to repair any small rips or tears before they become a big problem.

Pond decorations

Installing lighting in and around your pond will allow you to enjoy your pond during the evenings. 

You can add submersible LED lights, pond spotlights or floating lights to light up your pond at night.


So there are a few items to help you keep your pond healthy and looking great.

I’ll be adding to this list as I come across new products so be sure to check back regularly. 

Cleaning and maintaining a pond can be hard work, but it’s worth it when you can sit back and enjoy the beauty of your backyard oasis. 

I hope these products will make your life as a pond owner a bit easier!

What are the must-have pond products that you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments below.

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