How To Make Your Pond Bigger

Do you have a small pond in your backyard that you’d like to expand?

There are a few different ways to make an existing pond larger and in this article I’ll discuss some tips and tricks to help you make your pond bigger. 

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Benefits of expanding an existing pond

There are many benefits to expanding an existing pond. For one, you’ll have room for more fish. 

You’ll also find that a larger pond is more aesthetically pleasing and may even add value to your home.

It can become a focal point in your garden, and even function as a natural swimming pond in summer.

Plus, you can install larger water features like waterfalls and fountains. 

All of these factors make expanding your existing pond a great idea.

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Things to keep in mind before expanding your pond

First, you’ll need to take into account the size of your backyard. 

You don’t want to make the pond so large that it takes up too much space.

Second, you’ll need to consider the cost. 

Expanding a pond can be expensive, so be sure to do your research and plan accordingly.

Before you get started, check with your local authorities about permits, approvals and fencing requirements. 

This is especially important if you live in an urban area. 

expanding a pond

How to make your pond larger

Use a small pump to drain the water from the pond, but retain a few buckets of water to preserve the pond’s natural ecosystem.

Check the condition of your original pond liner. If it’s in good condition, you can reuse it. 

If not, you can use a new pond liner to cover the entire new larger pond.

One of the easiest ways to make your pond bigger is to build a second pond next to the original pond and join them together using a pond liner. 

This method is relatively simple and straightforward, and it will allow you to double the size of your pond with minimal effort. 

You can use a flexible pond liner for the second pond and join the two liners together with heavy duty double sided tape.

Another way to make your pond bigger is to excavate a larger area around the perimeter of the original pond. 

This will give you more space to work with and will allow you to create a larger pond. 

This method is more labor-intensive than the first method, but it will give you more flexibility in terms of the size and shape of your new pond.

pond fish

The depth of the pond will depend on the type of fish you plan to keep. 

Deeper ponds are better for fish, especially in cold climates, because they provide more stable temperatures.

Once you’ve excavated the area, you can start lining it with your new pond liner.

Be sure to smooth out any wrinkles or creases. 

You don’t want any folds or creases in the liner, as this could cause leaks. 

Once the liner is in place, you can start filling the pond with water.

Allow the water to sit for a day or two to allow the chlorine to dissipate or use a chlorine neutralizer if you want to add the fish straight back into the pond.

Add some plants and rocks around the perimeter of the pond to create a natural look and don’t forget to add some lighting.

This will make your pond look even more impressive at night.


I hope you found this article helpful. With these tips, you’ll be able to easily make your small backyard pond bigger in no time.

Do you have any questions about making your backyard pond larger? Let me know in the comments below.

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