5 Backyard Pond Cover Ideas

Pond covers help to keep backyard ponds clean by preventing leaves and other debris from entering the pond.

Pond coverings also deter predators, help to cut down on ice build-up during the winter months and keep the pond temperature comfortable for your fish.

There are many different types of pond covers that you can use and in this article I’ll share 5 of the most popular types of pond covers.

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1. Leaf netting

If your pond is located near a deciduous tree, you may want to install fine pond netting to catch the leaves before they fall into the pond.

This will reduce the amount of time spent cleaning the pond and will help to reduce algae growth.

Pond netting comes in lots of different sizes and you can trim it to fit your pond or get a pond net custom made.

One of the great things about pond netting is that it’s easy to install and you can remove it once the trees have finished losing their leaves.

2. Mesh

Rigid mesh can be installed on top of your pond to keep debris from entering the water and to make the pond safe for kids.

The fish will still be able to come to the surface and kids can walk right on top of the mesh.

Another option to cover your pond is chicken wire, but not if you have kids because chicken wire isn’t strong enough to support the weight of a child.

3. Dome covers

Dome covers are great for keeping your pond water clean and keeping predators like herons and raccoons out of your pond.

Dome covers are easy to install over the top of your pond but in winter you’ll need to clear away the snow to prevent them collapsing from the weight of the snow.

Be sure to secure the dome with metal pegs to prevent it from blowing away in heavy winds.

4. Shade sail

Ponds situated in full sun heat up quickly during the summer, leading to increased evaporation, algae overgrowth and it can make the pond uncomfortable for your fish.

Shade sails are ideal for creating shade and they can help to keep leaves out of your pond.

You can attach a shade sail onto trees next to your pond, or use metal poles to secure it in place over the pond.

5. Pergola

A wooden pergola is another way to cover your koi pond and protect your fish from the sun.

There are many different pergolas that will enhance the appearance of your pond area.

You can purchase a pre-made pergola, or if you’re handy with a saw, you can make one yourself.

So there are 5 different ways to cover your garden pond.

Whatever type of pond cover you decide to use, remember that it will be exposed to the elements may need to be replaced every few years.

Protecting your pond with a quality cover will help to regulate the temperature of your pond water while also keeping the water cleaner and reducing the amount of pond maintenance you’ll have to do.

If you don’t have a cover on your pond there are other ways to protect it from debris by using a pond scooper or leaf skimmer to remove leaves or regularly raking the leaves and putting them in your compost bin.


Which of these pond coverings would work best for your backyard pond? Let me know in the comments section.

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